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Exploring an old rail bridge

I have been looking for places to go take photos here in Peterborough.  I had already explored some of the most common places. I’ve gone to Jackson Park, Beavermeade, millennium park. And have also explored some of the railways here in town.
I’m fascinated by bridges, and from a photographic point of view they are beautiful as a backdrop.
I recently discovered that there is an old bridge on the University campus. I had seen maybe  2 pictures of it on different social media and had gone looking before in my car.  I had gotten a glimpse but didn’t have the time to get out and look at it more closely.
With my wife and children out of town for the weekend I thought what better time than now to go explore and find it.
I drove onto campus and located it, it took me about 5-10 minutes to figure out where I could park to getting  close.
As I walked to it i started taking some pictures, as I got closer I was amazed that it was in great shape.
The tracks had been long removed, in fact I saw no evidence minus a small trail that the tracks were ever there.
The bridge is the type that turns on am axis to fo across one of the many canals in Peterborough.  It is now permanently over land.
As I got a closer look I was amazed at how little graffiti is on it, (There is some).
When I have gone exploring in the past, almost every abandoned place I had been had been hit by graffiti. Some can be nice but most is just people being stupid in my opinion.
I explored the bridge for about 2 hours during the day. I then had to go to work, but that night a friend of mine, his wife and another friend came with me and we took some night portraits on the bridge.
Was a very exciting place to visit and can’t wait to go back again in different seasons



i am a Husband & Father. I work with people with special needs, as well as do Wedding and Portraits in the Peterborough Ontario area. I love to explore new and abandoned places. I dream of traveling more and love to talk about photography

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