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Cabbage Patch Kids

If you grew up in, or had kids in, the 1980’s you have heard about Cabbage Patch Kids.  They were all the rage.  People would knock each other over fighting to get their children a Cabbage Patch Kid.  My wife received her first one during this era.  She has loved them ever since.

If you are a true fan of the Cabbage Patch Kids, they were created in the Mountains of Northern Georgia by a man named Xavier Roberts.  My wife is one of many collectors from around the world who still to this day buy the hand-made dolls that were the original Cabbage Patch Kids.

Each year a group of avid collectors travels to Helen Georgia in the Spring for the Spring Event.  A themed celebration takes place for a full week at what is called Babyland General Hospital.

We have traveled there this week to join in on the festivities.  This will be my wife’s 4th time attending, and although I have joined her in the past, this will be my first year as an attendee.

It is an interesting but fun time.  People travel from all around the world to attend this. and each year.

As the week continues more and more events happen.  Today we just spent some time at Babyland General Hospital.





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