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On our last day in Northern Georgia, we met up with a friend who took us to Hardman Farm. An 1870’s estate that had amongst its owners a post civil war pharmascist and a state govenor.  Normally Iam not overly eager to go on these tours. While usually unique, I find them overpriced. In this case the cost was $12/person, which is ridiculous.
The reason our friend John was taking us here though made it very much worthwhile, as John was in the unique position of being both the grandson & great-grandson of the head caretaker for the estate.
We decided to not let the tour guide know that he was a relative.  The tour guide tour was somewhat bland.  The guide either didn’t know information or had been given somewhat inaccurate information.
The tour consisted of a short (20 minute) guided tour of the house and then a self-guided tour of the grounds.  After the tour guide had left, John gave us more insight into life at the Hardman Farm.  He showed us things like where as a kid he would have Easter egg hunts.  Where his grandfather & great-grandfather kept a moonshine still even though it was the prohibition era, and where a member of his family had her wedding reception.
He pointed out the 2 different houses his family resided in, before taking us over to the church and cemetary that was built on the estate and that his family is buried on alongside some of the previous owners.
It was a fantastic time, where we got in some first hand knowledge of the day to day operations of life on a govenor’s estate.



i am a Husband & Father. I work with people with special needs, as well as do Wedding and Portraits in the Peterborough Ontario area. I love to explore new and abandoned places. I dream of traveling more and love to talk about photography

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