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Remembrance Day

My earliest memories of Remembrance Day involved placing poppies on Tombstones with members of the Legion in Cobourg.

Growing up in a family of both veterans and survivors of wars, I feel I have a great understanding of the sacrifice that was made by soldiers and families.

My family is indebted to the Canadian Army and the liberation of Holland.  They saved the lives of both my Grandmother’s as well as my Grandfather.

Two of those people are Trooper Irvin L. Vachon, who served with A company. 27th  Canadian Armored Regiment. 3rd Canadian Armored Brigade. And Flight Officer Everett T. Vachon DSM RCAF .

Flying Sgt. Vachon was a tail gunner in a Wellington medium class bomber when it was sent out on a mission to determine capabilities of German night fighters and Rader signals.

Their bomber was attacked by fighters and FSgt. Vachon is credited with downing one of the attackers.  Their bomber heavily damaged was forced to ditch in the English Channel.  The pilot managed to land their bomber on water, and with their life rafts damaged the plane managed to stay afloat until being rescued.

FSgt. Vachon was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by King George himself and was later giving a commission before being discharged and coming back to Canada.

His brother ( my paternal grandfather)  was a part of the tactical reserve on D-Day.  His regiment was in the boats that day ready and waiting if needed to help on the beaches of Normandy.  Coming ashore on D+1, the “Sherbrooke Fiddlers” saw some of the heaviest fighting of the Canadian units.  Luckily he survived amd helped liberate Holland. During the liberation of Holland and after the surrender of Nazi Germany he met and fell in love with a young girl.

They came to Canada together and started a family. Tragically my Grandfather would not live long enough to see his grandchildren or his great grandchildren.

These two brothers were just two of many who would not only volunteer to help save the people of Europe, but were the lucky ones to survive.

Unfortunately like many veterans that I have met over the years amd also read about. Their stories remain for the most part untold.

We as a nation should never forget the sacrifices they made, not just for King and Country but for the millions of people who were affected all over the world.

I know that I will never forget.


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And baby makes 3

One of the greatest things for me when it comes to photography, is photographing friends or making friends through my photographs.

With Ann & Josef I have been able to do both.  I met this lovely couple through work and we have become friends.  I had the honor last year to photograph an engagement session with the two of them at Camp 30 in Bowmanville.  It was definitely an amazing experience for all of us.

photo by Pat Vachon (

Since that time Ann & Josef travelled back home to the Philippines to get married,  have bought a house and are now expecting their first child together.  Josef also now assists me regularly at weddings and has become someone I can trust to help me deliver amazing photos to brides and grooms.

I was thus extremely honoured when they approached me to take maternity photos for them.  We went out on a crisp autumn day to Jackson park and managed to capture some amazing photographs.  I think their child is going to be very lucky to have to amazing, loving parents.

Their daughter will also have the great honour of being born Canadian.  Something of which I am very proud to be.  I look forwards to meeting her, and continuing on following the two of them through photographs.



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Late Summer Weddings

Oh how the summer got away from me.  It’s amazing how busy life can get, between family and work, things get left behind.  I had the great pleasure to close out my summer with back to back weddings.   The first was in Peterborough.  Heather & Chris had a beautiful ceremony at the Lion’s Club.  We had a lot of fun, and I think as a photographer I helped create some great memories.

On Labour day I made the trek up to Bobcaygeon.  A town made famous by The Tragically Hip.  Charlotte and Steve celebrated their love and united two families separated by an ocean, and they managed to rock the roof off the barn at Kawartha Settler’s Village

I will forever remember these two lovely couples, as I remember every other couple whom I have photographed.

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A match made at school

Tyler and Jessica Barnes met through Tyler’s Mom when Jessica was spending time at that school .  Tyler’s Mom is an elementary school teacher.  And when I was listening to her talk at her son’s wedding.  I could hear the pride and love in her voice when talking about her son and her now, daughter-in-law.

The love that this couple had for each other, was present in almost every photograph I took of them.  The way they looked at each other, that look in their eyes, that little smile on their faces, and most definitely the look on Tyler’s face when he saw her walk down the aisle ( you can see it in one of the photos}, reminded me again how much I enjoy capturing the love of two people at weddings.

Planning a wedding involves a lot of time, lots of money, and a lot of stress.  But when love is in their eyes, and you say, look at each other and that little smile, that twinkle in the eye, appears, and you can see that the world stops, just for a moment, and that nobody or nothing else exists, it makes it all worth while.

I hope that every person finds their true love, as I believe Tyler and Jessica have.  To them I wish them the best of luck, and as Jessica made it clear she is not pregnant (yet)  I wish for them a happy family.

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New York City

 Recently we took our oldest son to visit friends who live just across the river from New York City.  Lori and I had been to NYC once before but was a very short visit.  This time we know we wanted to see as much as we could.  I took Zach to the Intrepid Air &Space Museum.  It was an amazing exhibit that any boy who loves anything to do with planes or military will love.

We spent time in Central Park as well as Times Square, rode the Staten Island Ferry, which is a great, and free, way to see the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan.  

Most importantly for us, we took him to World Trade Center.  

I still remember where I was and what I was doing on 9/11, but to talk with people who lived right near it, you can hear the sadness in their voices as theu discuss it. We talked with Zach about what happened and explained as best we could to him why as well.  He was very interested and had lots of questions.  We showed him the memorial pools and the names, as well as the Survivor Tree.  We also took him up the new World Trade Center Tower, and thanks to our friend Blaine, we got an amazing view from his office on the 52nd floor as well as the 64th.  

I’ve been lucky to visit many cities throughout the world but very few compare to New York City.


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Sunsets and Abandoned Cars

In my many travels I had seen these vehicles off the highway and had wanted to go investigate them.  I arrived recently around sunset to look at them further.  With the Sun setting I managed to capture some beautiful images. .   I had hoped to stay after dark and capture some images with the night sky but unfortunately the mosquitoes made it known that if I were to stay they would bring all their family members to feast on me.  It was definitely worth the trip, and next time I will make sure to bring along some bug spray.

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Taking Photos for Myself

If you ever talk with other photographers, eventually you will get to the subject of what they like to take photos, or shoot, on their own time.  Surprisingly a lot don’t shoot much except for clients.  I found myself i. that trap the past few years.  I used to love exploring through cities taking photos and one of my favorite things to do was night time photography.

Recently I got back into taking photos of the things around me, so when I came across a 10 day photography challenge on instagram. I decided to partake.  The idea was to take a photo each day for 10 days and each day was a different theme.  I managed to complete 9 of the 10.  For personal reasons I couldn’t photograph one day.  Some of the results were quite inspiring for me.  I also would shoot some non-themed related shots.

It was while doing this challenge that I took a photo that asked me to use for there website for the month of June.  I enjoyed the challenge and look forwards to shooting more for me in the not to distant future.

10 day photography challenge 

Day 1: Selfie

Day 2 : Reflection

Day 3: Silhouette 

Day 4: Nighttime 

Day 5: Texture 

Day 6: Close up

Day 7: Black & White

Day 8: Happiness 

Day 9: Looking Up

Day 10: Happiness 

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Grad Photo Session

It has been a while since I did a Graduate Portrait.  The last time was in a studio setting when I was working for a company and we did Portraits for Graduates of elementary and high school.  Although it was a great learning experience, there was no creativity involved in taking the photos.   This session was different.  Victory had approached me previously about doing some grad portraits.  I was a little apprehensive at first.  She met me at Trent University.  She had rented the gown and the hood from the Student Association.  We got started and we had a blast taking pictures.  It was a great time, and I think the results were definitely beyond my expectations.  We both had some ideas on different types of poses and we worked well together.  Victory was a natural in front of the camera

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Antonia’s Baptism was a beautiful day that incorporated the beauty and traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church.  This was a special day not only for the friends and family that attended but for me as well.   Her parents,  Jim & Soumela were the first couple I ever photographed getting married.

For anyone who has ever ventured into wedding photography, you never forget the first time you photograph a wedding.

3 years later I am asked to photograph a very special ceremony where Nia becomes a member of the Greek Orthodox community.   The church was beautiful, as was Nia.  I loved how she couldn’t keep her eyes off the camera. The ceremony itself is very interesting for anyone who has never been to one.  The traditions are very unique compared to modern baptisms and christenings.  I look forwards to watching her and the rest of their family grow up together.

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Tyler & Jessica Engagement Session

Last Fall I received a text message from a bride I had photographed during the summer.  A friend of hers who attended their wedding was looking for a photographer.  Shortly after I talked on the phone with Jessica and we arranged a time to meet to discuss photographing the wedding of her and her fiance, Tyler.  We met up and we signed on for me to be their wedding photographer.

Recently we met in Jackson’s Park in Peterborough for their engagement session.  Jessica and Tyler, as well as Tyler’s son came out on a cold Saturday in May and we walked through the park, taking both pictures of them as a couple as well as them as a family.

It was an enjoyable time and we captured some fun photos of the three of them.  I am very excited to attend their wedding in a few weeks at the Quarry Golf Club in Ennismore, just north of Peterborough.